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Evolve Yoga Training 200 & 300hrs is ideal for the passionate student of Yoga and aspiring teachers wanting to deepen their own practice and enrich their teaching.

Evolve Yoga Training focuses on Yoga as a transformative and therapeutic tool opening up the body and sense fields to access an inner focus. It is not just about the physical side of Yoga but how to develop methods of self inquiry and awareness.  By building a better relationship with ourselves, we improve those with others.

Teacher Training Manchester + One Week immersion in Wales


Feb 2024 – Dec 2024 – 1 space left


  • This TTC is a transformative journey, a path to reach your full potential beyond the conditioning of body and mind so you can help others to do the same. This training takes place over 9 weekends at Inhale Yoga Studio, Hale, South Manchester. It is a journey of self enquiry, a deep discovery of how Yoga can work to balance the body & negative patterns of the mind .
  • Development of a personal Yoga practice, taught by the UK’s leading experts in Asana & Pranayama and embodied meditation so you experience  ‘whole body balance’ .
  • In-depth Yoga Asana training from it’s Hatha origins to the sequencing of Vinyasa.
  • Anatomy of movement, understanding the structure of the body from inside out.  Based on the principles that govern all human movement and therefore they are not confined to any rigid or dogmatic system.
  • From gross to the subtle energetic body, learn how to shift the activity of the nervous system so we experience the more subtle realms through the breath, bandhas, mudras and mantra  and our relationship to the vibrational Uni-Verse.
  • The philosophy from the ancient texts and how we apply to our everyday lives so we can live together harmoniously.
  • £3200 if paid in full before the start of the course.  You can also pay in instalments – please email for details
  • email us info@evolveyogatraining.com for a prospectus today.
  • Practice first and then teach is our ethos, so that you can help others to move beyond the confines of their limitations of body and mind.


are delivered as modules of 40, 60 and 100 hrs. This means they can fit easily in to busy teaching schedules and lives.

As an accredited TrainerPro, we have been specifically chosen as one of the leading Trading providers in the field of Yoga in the UK.  We strive to excel in every area of training, committing to the very highest of standards.


with David Tilson from Evolve Yoga TT – 40hrs CPD with YAP





  • Session 1: Live Online via Zoom – recording available
  • Session 2: Live in person training at InHale Studio
  • Session 3: Live Online via Zoom – recording available

“This new & unique 40 hour course far exceeds the associated teaching hours attached to it and will provide you with 1000’s of hours of learning to enhance your practice and teaching standards. I am very excited to share this with you and I will personally make sure that you leave feeling confident applying the knowledge both in your yoga practice and in daily life.” David Tilston June 2023

  • Learn from movement master, David Tilston, through in person studio sessions, live online lectures and access to an extensive on-demand video library; covering theoretical study & follow along mobility programs.
  • Evolve as a more confident and astute yoga teacher or movement coach with the ability to transform your students’ lives in terms of their strength, flexibility, joint health, posture and body awareness.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the effect a particular posture has on the body or how one part of the body impacts on another, how each movement is connected in an intelligent symphony of movement.
  • Learn ​highly effective science-backed methods which are simple to follow and easy to apply. You will be introduced to a fresh perspective on anatomical knowledge and a unique method for teaching asana.
  • Structure movement disciplines to enhance; recovery, mental clarity and a wide range of physical & mental attributes
  • Be confident to be able to create a custom built practice for any and all bodies, regardless of whether it is in a group or a one-to-one environment.


In addition to the rich online resources is a full weekend of LIVE teaching at the beautiful InHale studio, delving deeply into the practical application of anatomical knowledge using movement drills, partner assisted work and adjustments.

Course Schedule

Comprehensive Online Library; 16 hours of pre-recorded modules, in bite sized chunks, covering anatomical theory and follow-along mobility drills from movement master David Tilston. Receive high-quality training from your own home and learn at your own pace.

Daily Mobility Drill; Follow-along online mobility drills led by David to improve your own mobility, range, flexibility and strength.

Live Zoom Q&A sessions with David; to answer any questions you have regarding the online content.

In Studio Training; A full weekend of studio training at InHale with David, delving deeply into the practical application of anatomical knowledge using movement drills, partner assisted work and adjustments.

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To book your space contact Genevra via email on genevra@evolveyogatraining.com

Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.


Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Vicki Shields

Course Director


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